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A460 SDHC Capacity

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A460 SDHC Capacity
« on: 03 / July / 2010, 09:31:38 »
Hey folks,

I just recently picked up three Powershot A460 cameras up from Fleabay for a nice little bargain.  They haven't arrived yet, but I was looking at ordering some SDHC cards for them.

I know some cameras, while claiming full SDHC support, top out at 2GB or 4GB.

Does anybody know what the limit (if any) is with the A460?  I was hoping to be able to throw 8GB or 16GB Sandisc cards in these for some long duration timelapse, but want to make sure if they'll work before I fork over the cash.

So, has anybody ever used one of these with an 8GB or 16GB card?  Also, any idea what sort of card speed would become overkill for this camera and offer no advantage to write speed (assuming we put aside the "faster unloading to the PC using a dedicated SDHC reader" argument). :)


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Re: A460 SDHC Capacity
« Reply #1 on: 03 / July / 2010, 16:21:39 »
AFAIK, all canons that support SDHC support any size SDHC card.

The CHDK a460 port has multi-partition enabled, which is a further hint that it probably works.
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Re: A460 SDHC Capacity
« Reply #2 on: 04 / July / 2010, 02:27:03 »
Great, thanks very much.  Ordered three 8GB Sandisk cards, so fingers crossed. :)


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