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I love CHDK
« on: 06 / July / 2010, 18:48:22 »
Actually I wanted to toy around with RAWs, which is very probable what I'll do - and what I am actually doing lots ...
But there are two other major advantages for me:
1.) Live histogram and zebra in preview
2.) a Temperature on the display
The Temperature is great. I've always got an altimeter, gps, Aenometer (to measure windspeeds) - but didn't have a thermometer with me. Now, after some tests, the optical sensor seems to be pretty close to an actual thermometer. the ccd heatens up while cam is turned on.
The first item will save me some diskspace due to not having to make lots of shots with similar aperture values - just using what looks best in histo and adding a raw to that in order to process later with even better values.

Thanks a lot for this


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