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Disable Flash/Assist Beam shortcut key

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Re: Disable Flash/Assist Beam shortcut key
« Reply #10 on: 14 / February / 2008, 15:52:29 »
Ok well that sounded simple enough so I wrote this script to dump them all:

Code: [Select]
rem Author: fudgey
rem tested on a570is, should work on all cameras?
rem requires get_prop and for loop, available in many new builds
@title propcase dump to file
rem writes values of all propcases to /CHDK/SCRIPTS/PR_SCREEN.TXT

@param a first prop
@default a 0
@param b last prop
@default b 255

print_screen 1
print "-------------"
print "propcase dump"
print "-------------"

for c=a to b
  get_prop c d
  sleep 20
  print "P "c" = "d
next c
print "-------------"
print_screen 0


The print_screen part in the wiki could maybe use some clarifying, I first tried "print_screen 0" on the first one and thought I'd get all neatly appended to the same file but didn't get any output with that...

Anyway, on the a570is propcase 5 is likely AF assist light, "1" when enabled, "0" when disabled... didn't try setting it yet...

edit: Well I tried setting it now. It works! :xmas

One caveat though: the AF light setting in the camera's own menu doesn't get updated when propcase 5 is changed to enable or disable AF light. Enabling or disabling AF light from Canon's menu does still work after setting the propcase from a script, so not much harm done. But scripts really ought to be nice and check the propcase before modifying it's value and then reset it back to whatever it was after the script is done with it.

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Re: Disable Flash/Assist Beam shortcut key
« Reply #11 on: 14 / February / 2008, 16:10:26 »
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