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Canon IXUS 100 IS 60-second exposures

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Canon IXUS 100 IS 60-second exposures
« on: 09 / July / 2010, 16:36:34 »
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum, this software, the Canon IXUS 100 IS camera, and astro-photography in general, but anyway...

I am going to buy an IXUS 100 IS to photograph the night sky, and am looking to install CHDK from this page:

My questions are:

- What do I do to install it? I have downloaded it from the link on the above page - I take it that I just copy it to my memory card. Is there a special location in which the BIN file should go? Do I need to install anything else?

- Will keeping the shutter open for 60 seconds on this camera model cause any adverse effects which are likely to damage the camera (will the CCD encounter problems, or overheat?). The factory setting is 15 seconds - is there a good reason for this, or is it just because that is optimal for noise avoidance, etc...



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Re: Canon IXUS 100 IS 60-second exposures
« Reply #1 on: 10 / July / 2010, 00:26:16 »
The bin file is a dump of the original firmware. It is not CHDK.

You want to download from

As for how to install it, I suggest starting with the FAQ and users guide

AFAIK, there are no reports of long exposures damaging the camera. Some CHDK cameras allow 2000+ second exposures, and those appear to be OK as well.  Of course, there is no guarantee!

My guess is the Canon limit is mostly because the quality is poor and there is little demand for longer exposures in a P&S.
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