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« on: 12 / July / 2010, 16:19:49 »
Hi everyone
I'm still new to CHDK and have an A620 and a A710is.
I've updated firmware and loaded and used SDM build, Allbest build and the latest build on the A620, no problems.
But now I've tried to load the latest version (a710-100a-0.9.9-912-full.zip) on my A710is, but cant get it to all work.
All the files are on the card via Cardtricks and it boots up in CHDK with new battery and card icons on screen, but I cant get the alt menu for scripts to come on.
One problem I've had is the UPDATE FIRMWARE VERSION TO, I can't get it to do it, any one had this problem?
Can anyone help me with how to get it to work?

Please can someone help me I'm so sad at the moment :(

All ok it's now working, wish I could tell everyone how I did it, but I don't know why it did not work or what I did to get it to start to work
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