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CHDK/general question Video/photography

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CHDK/general question Video/photography
« on: 13 / July / 2010, 04:59:20 »
Is there a way to, while shooting video, take a snapshot? I know some cameras can, i'm just wondering if there is a script that allows this to happen. I'm going to a shuttle launch and i want to get both video and stills and i only have one camera. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: CHDK/general question Video/photography
« Reply #1 on: 13 / July / 2010, 15:40:20 »
Not the way those cameras do it. You would need to stop video record, switch to a still shooting mode, shoot, switch back to video record and start video record. All that is possible, but it takes a lot of time meaning your video will have a gap of several seconds minimum (and of course you will get a lot of video files too).

Basically it's probably not worth writing a script for this purpose unless you get tired switching modes from the dial or if you need to do this automatically or with a remote shutter.


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