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Olympus E3 Firmware and SDK

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Olympus E3 Firmware and SDK
« on: 14 / July / 2010, 05:03:55 »
Hello, I want to know if anyone here has a copy of the SDK from Olympus, Please PM me I have a few questions you have it.
First off I have to say I only have a Canon AE1 Program. So CHDK isn't going to help me, However I do see where some uys have started here working on  a stylus point and shoot. As I am aware the SDK from oly is very limited and does not offer full control over the device.

I want to know if it is possible to look at the firmware of a different model (like the e-620)  find the portion of code that does in camera micro focus adjustment, Strip that out and add it to a different device like the E-3. It seems Olympus had abandon the flagship E-3 camera (still the top dog as of this post) while releasing entry level camera's Like the 620, e-30 , heck the tough 6020 all have the same features as they run the trupic III ENGINE> I want top find a way to update the E-3 to the current offerings like the e-30 and 620.

Where would one start? Do I hire someone or can we start a project herein this forum. I am way past frustrated with Olympus as of late, however I am buried in Oly gear and hoping to find a way to make it last a pit longer. Dont get me wrong, I am not trying to make a Canon 1DS mk III out of an e-3, but I would like to update to  some of the smaller features of their simple point and shoots.

I am about ready to take a hammer to all of it and start over.

Re: Olympus E3 Firmware and SDK
« Reply #1 on: 25 / July / 2010, 22:50:37 »
I have no such talent to  give any help, but with you good luck to get some progress :)


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