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Ixus 55 / SD450: First beta version of CHDK port available for 1.00B and 1.00C

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well: things seem work now. I can see the how TV advise doesn't change when I half press the shutter button; it keeps now the desired value as expected.
... but when I shoot, my camera switchs off (only if CHDK is loaded)  :-(
I really can't understand...

Did all beta versions show this problem? From your initial posts it seemed that shooting worked originally for you.
Have you tried to erase the CHDK folder from the SD card before copying a new version on it?
Have you tried to change some settings before you shoot, e.g. switich raw on or off?

I've deleted the configuration file CHDK.CFG and it works now...


I'm afraid my English is not good enough to say what is happening here... As I said before when I delete the CHDK.CFG file the hack works well. I have adjusted all the options at my taste, OSD parameters, font size, etc, etc... one at a time and testing if the camera shoots and record without problem. All OK.
Then I switch off the camera, switch it on again... all OK too.
Once more... and I get the problem again: when I shoot, the camera switchs off with lens extended.
Perhaps something is wrong in my camera, but I have never seen this behaviour before, without CHDK... perhaps I'm missing something...
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strange, I do not get that behaviour here. If you are able to reproduce this bug systematically (preferably starting with a clean installation of CHDK) let me know the details so I can verify it here and maybe fix it afterwards.

Did you write-protect the card after making it bootable? If not the firmware will not load automatically. Also make sure to copy both files DISKBOOT.BIN and PS.FIR to the SD-card.

Thank you !. write-protected the memcard and now it works!

3dbruce: you are officially my hero :)

going to try to catch some shots of dripping tap water tonight ;)

Is anybody here able to add the current beta3 to the CVS-trunk? Would be much easier to keep the code up to date.

Hi everyone.  I'm new here and I have the 1.00D firmware like DeadlyDad.  I would love to try out CHDK, and I could probably dump my firmware.  But I'm not exactly sure how to do that...

This is the procedure I believe I will need to follow:
1. Connect a phototransistor to the input of my sound card.  (easy - CHECK)
2. Download the blinker firmware to my SD450.  (how do I do this?)
3. Start recording, with the phototransistor over an LED on my camera.  (CHECK)
4. Save it in a certain format and then run it through an exe to give the firmware file. (CHECK)
5. Send it to Bruce?  Would that be all you need to modify it with CHDK?  Would it be easy for you, since you already did B and C, or should I figure out how to do it?  I know some C...

Someone please let me know if I'm on track, thanks!
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Hi all,
new version available that is based on the latest version in trunk:

allbest_ixus55_100bc_b4.zip - 4.13MB

An additional bug with ISO override was fixed.
Known Bug: "shoot" command does not work in scripts. See seperate thread.
Let me know if you find anything else...



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