Ixus 55 / SD450: First beta version of CHDK port available for 1.00B and 1.00C

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So I take it the 1.00d version isn't out yet? Came here via a post on lifehack, I am very interested in trying this out! :)
That's correct.  I got most of the addresses, so it will be out as soon as I can compile it correctly.  My gmake command isn't working right now.  Maybe I could zip my sub file and have someone else compile it....would anyone be willing?

Ok...I finished getting the addresses.  Can somebody PLEASE compile this?  When I try to compile it I get this:

C:\new-trunk>gmake PLATFORM=ixus55_sd450 PLATFORMSUB=100d fir
expr: syntax error
"**** Build: "
i was unexpected at this time.
gmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 255

Everything should be right...I used the latest file 3DBruce posted on page 3 and then added my sub.  It's frustrating to get this far and not being able to compile it!


EDIT: I have another thread with the files and updated progress on the sd450 1.00d here:
Getting close on the SD450 1.00d...HELP!
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File tools/signatures_vxworks.h invalid in your archive (size is only 5 bytes).
After fixing this, I get next errors:

-> main.elf
../platform/ixus55_sd450/sub/100d/libplatformsub.a(capt_seq.o): In function `capt_seq_task':
capt_seq.c:(.text+0x154): undefined reference to `loc_FF94D87C'
../platform/ixus55_sd450/sub/100d/libplatformsub.a(capt_seq.o): In function `loc_FF94DABC':
capt_seq.c:(.text+0x16c): undefined reference to `loc_FF94D850'

So, capt_seq.c is incomplete.

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I'm eagerly awaiting for CHDK for 1.00d! Keep up the aweseme work. Wish I could help but I'm no programmer :( I can be a guinea pig though!

I'm eagerly awaiting for CHDK for 1.00d! Keep up the aweseme work. Wish I could help but I'm no programmer :( I can be a guinea pig though!
I'm working on it but by no means am I an expert programmer ;)

keep an eye on this thread: Getting close on the SD450 1.00d...HELP!

you can be a guinea pig right now! :)

is anyone having problems running the interval script, I cannot get it working. The recording interval script works fine but I just keep getting the red eye camera sake warning light.

anyone know why?

The Ixus 55 port still has a problem with the "shoot" command during script execution.
(See Problem with SCRIPT_WAIT_SAVE in the Ixus55 port for details).

As a workaround you can try to replace the shoot command with a corresponding
"click shoot_half" and "click shoot_full" commands.

Hello, Thanks for letting me know. I have added a

click "shoot_half"
delay 2500
click "shoot_full"

but I get the same results, could you recommend a camera prefrably a cheaper model I could buy off ebay second hand that these scripts will work with.

We want the camera for a summer school project we are sending a weather balloon to 20KM and wish to take pictures every 60 secs and hoepfully get some nice pictures of the curvature of the earth.


What's status of this port? Is it still beta? Is main function (RAW etc) working without a problem?


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