Ixus 55 / SD450: First beta version of CHDK port available for 1.00B and 1.00C

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    So I take it the 1.00d version isn't out yet? Came here via a post on lifehack, I am very interested in trying this out! :)
    That's correct.  I got most of the addresses, so it will be out as soon as I can compile it correctly.  My gmake command isn't working right now.  Maybe I could zip my sub file and have someone else compile it....would anyone be willing?

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    Ok...I finished getting the addresses.  Can somebody PLEASE compile this?  When I try to compile it I get this:

    C:\new-trunk>gmake PLATFORM=ixus55_sd450 PLATFORMSUB=100d fir
    expr: syntax error
    "**** Build: "
    i was unexpected at this time.
    gmake: *** [all-recursive] Error 255

    Everything should be right...I used the latest file 3DBruce posted on page 3 and then added my sub.  It's frustrating to get this far and not being able to compile it!


    EDIT: I have another thread with the files and updated progress on the sd450 1.00d here:
    Getting close on the SD450 1.00d...HELP!
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    File tools/signatures_vxworks.h invalid in your archive (size is only 5 bytes).
    After fixing this, I get next errors:

    -> main.elf
    ../platform/ixus55_sd450/sub/100d/libplatformsub.a(capt_seq.o): In function `capt_seq_task':
    capt_seq.c:(.text+0x154): undefined reference to `loc_FF94D87C'
    ../platform/ixus55_sd450/sub/100d/libplatformsub.a(capt_seq.o): In function `loc_FF94DABC':
    capt_seq.c:(.text+0x16c): undefined reference to `loc_FF94D850'

    So, capt_seq.c is incomplete.

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    I'm eagerly awaiting for CHDK for 1.00d! Keep up the aweseme work. Wish I could help but I'm no programmer :( I can be a guinea pig though!

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    I'm eagerly awaiting for CHDK for 1.00d! Keep up the aweseme work. Wish I could help but I'm no programmer :( I can be a guinea pig though!
    I'm working on it but by no means am I an expert programmer ;)

    keep an eye on this thread: Getting close on the SD450 1.00d...HELP!

    you can be a guinea pig right now! :)

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    is anyone having problems running the interval script, I cannot get it working. The recording interval script works fine but I just keep getting the red eye camera sake warning light.

    anyone know why?

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    The Ixus 55 port still has a problem with the "shoot" command during script execution.
    (See Problem with SCRIPT_WAIT_SAVE in the Ixus55 port for details).

    As a workaround you can try to replace the shoot command with a corresponding
    "click shoot_half" and "click shoot_full" commands.

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    Hello, Thanks for letting me know. I have added a

    click "shoot_half"
    delay 2500
    click "shoot_full"

    but I get the same results, could you recommend a camera prefrably a cheaper model I could buy off ebay second hand that these scripts will work with.

    We want the camera for a summer school project we are sending a weather balloon to 20KM and wish to take pictures every 60 secs and hoepfully get some nice pictures of the curvature of the earth.


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    What's status of this port? Is it still beta? Is main function (RAW etc) working without a problem?


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