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What's the difference between CHDK english and CHDK DE?

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What's the difference between CHDK english and CHDK DE?
« on: 16 / July / 2010, 05:29:07 »
Hi all.
I have been reading this forum since this start and I've been frequently upgrading my Canon A650 with the latest CHDK versions.  While browsing the net, I have found a german forum http://www.wirklemms.de/chdk/forum/.

What about the "de version of chdk"? is it different that CHDKDE available from http://www.wirklemms.de/chdk/forum/. from the standard versione of CHDK that you could downlaod from http://mighty-hoernsche.de ("CHDK-SVN Autobuild Download" site?

I had a lot of difficulties to translate that interesting forum from german to italian language, but I have realized that it seems different, with different commands, so that script could not work. I am not sure
Is it correct this assumption? Which is the most upgraded and powerful version of chdk? Could I use "de scripts" with the standard version that I could download from http://mighty-hoernsche.de ("CHDK-SVN Autobuild Download" site)?
Do they are syncronized (non automatically but through the user posts, the topics, the thread, so that it is the same to read one of them)? I am a bit confused: I would like to get the most of information but I cannot orientate.
How do you get the most of chdk news and topic? Do you browse both of them? Please, suggest you usual routine. Consider that I am interested in all kind of topics (hw mods, hacks, scripts, general,raw, rotines, ecc).

thanks in advance.


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Re: What's the difference between CHDK english and CHDK DE?
« Reply #1 on: 16 / July / 2010, 07:11:57 »

CHDKDE based on CHDK, but is it not the same.

Most differences has the DOF calculator. Scripts with this new DOF commands only run with CHDKDE. The new DOF calculator is a little bit accurate, based on www.dofmaster.com.

CHDKDE has some extended script commands for the curve function, the CHDK configuration and a additional md parameter for face detection.

Other differences are more cosmetic kind, e.g. german preferences as default, colored symbols, an additional USB status display, permanent histogramm in play mode, a.s.o.

Some  earlier CHDKDE developments are now part of CHDK.

You can try CHDKDE, download here. You will see some difference, but it works like CHDK. Try out the powerful scripts. Post your questions in the german forum (in English, it's not a problem).




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