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Pick up to 12 features you'd like to see in the future of CHDK

Exposure control in movie mode (some cameras don't have this). -- ------
79 (3.7%)
LCD/EVF backlight switch, brightness control. -------------------------
74 (3.5%)
Program-Shift Mode (in cameras that don't have it). -------------------
19 (0.9%)
Custom Auto-ISO (was being worked on last I saw). Done!  ---------------------
16 (0.8%)
Use of USB port to control external devices. --------------------------
103 (4.9%)
Remote Capture (PTP) via USB on cameras without. ----------------------
108 (5.1%)
Swapping out CHDK versions from within CHDK. --------------------------
42 (2%)
2nd Curtain Flash Sync (in cameras without). --------------------------
36 (1.7%)
"Best Shot" selector (poor man's IS). ---------------------------------
34 (1.6%)
File-Compression for RAW (and Script Files?). -------------------------
71 (3.4%)
Customizable Menus. Done!  ---------------------------------------------------
16 (0.8%)
Dark-Frame filesaving for manual DF-Subtraction. ----------------------
75 (3.5%)
Xvid/DivX Video Compression. ------------------------------------------
116 (5.5%)
Flash Exposure Compensation - (manual) Flash Output Override. ---------
53 (2.5%)
Make PC see camera as standard external storage device. ---------------
139 (6.6%)
Sound activated shutter control. --------------------------------------
134 (6.3%)
Audio-recording level meter. ------------------------------------------
67 (3.2%)
Mass file-renaming. ---------------------------------------------------
35 (1.7%)
Alternative Color-Space Profiles. -------------------------------------
33 (1.6%)
In-Focus Highlighting (highlighting in-focus subject matter). ---------
81 (3.8%)
Save RAW in DNG format (similar to previous request). -----------------
94 (4.4%)
Zoom-Override in Super-Macro Mode (for tele-macro use). ---------------
75 (3.5%)
JPG Quality Compression Override/Settings. ----------------------------
111 (5.3%)
Customizable CHDK configurations (select favorite configs from a menu).
90 (4.3%)
Download photos to Flash-drive (w/o PC tether). -----------------------
73 (3.5%)
Av, Tv, M Modes in cameras without. Av Tv Done!------------------------------
28 (1.3%)
Format SD card in camera and retain CHDK on card. ---------------------
131 (6.2%)
LCD/EVF Color Adjust. -------------------------------------------------
19 (0.9%)
Built-in text & script file editor. -----------------------------------
51 (2.4%)
ND-Filter Override Mode (in cameras without). Done!  -------------------------
11 (0.5%)
Mode-Dial setting through script control. -----------------------------
43 (2%)
Extra audio-recording sampling rates (for cameras without). -----------
57 (2.7%)

Total Members Voted: 337

POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?

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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #50 on: 19 / April / 2008, 17:52:21 »
how about a forced hyperfocal distance focus setting that varies with zoom setting?

CHDK already has a shortcut to set focus to HYP.

Someone didn't RTFM. :)  Quick-Set Hyperfocal & Infinite Manual Focus Distances

OK, Folks.  It seems I didn't express myself well enough.  The manual says:

When in MF mode and in <ALT> mode, you may press the [UP] navigation button to instantly set MF (manual focus) distance to infinity. Press the [DOWN] navigation button to instantly set MF distance to hyperfocal distance (based on f/stop and zoom focal-length).

It does not say, "and the hyperfocal length will change as you continue to press on the zoom lever to keep the fast-moving beast in the finder."  I was thinking (blurrily, I grant you) of a magical HYP that changes as the camera adjusts.

Sorry for the bother.


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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #51 on: 19 / April / 2008, 21:08:23 »
Are you volunteering to write all the help files in all the languages? GREAT! When should we expect you to be done with them?
There is olready the most used english version.

This will save you from "getting frustrated with all the inane newbieness that is infiltrating this forum", what do you think?

We see it from different perspectives. The forums in other languages that I visited have many posts on what different functions do so it only becomes a question of where to write the definition in a Forum-post where only some read, or direct people to the wiki that will be written to .lng and delivered with the next build version. Most menu items are self-explanatory so only technical terms and procedures should be explained. It can be added as an on/off switchable feature for languages that don't have it already.

Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #52 on: 30 / April / 2008, 04:29:57 »
Would You pls join one more feature to Your list:
change of font size in LCD measured values display.
I will vote for it immiedietely.


Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #53 on: 15 / May / 2008, 10:22:11 »
450D & 18-55mm, 100-400mm


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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #54 on: 18 / May / 2008, 05:58:37 »
+ fullscreen macro zoom
+ macro zoom for all modes
+ bigger macro zoom: 1000% of 1:1 (1 photo pixel = 10 display pixels)
+ contrast or focus measurement -> we will see if it is focused

previous features enable better focus - adding them will be great!


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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #55 on: 19 / May / 2008, 04:48:47 »
(exif) data store: save a simple text file after every shot with additional informations

This could be an easy way to document many settings and informations (Canon and CHDK ones) relevant for the pic/shot.

If the infos normally stored in the exif structure are saved there we can write a little utility that read them and fill the exif structure with the real & true data (think with the ExifTool library it would be easy). With a corresponding filename (e.g. pic_name.TXT) and a such a tool we could insert all the true data in exif / IPTC in a batch.

The format can be like INI files...


This way we would have full control about the pictures meta data !

Benefit of text format: platform independent, human-readable, easy editing of the content

I think there could be many other things be done with such a data file, e.g. in scripting or for debugging purpose.


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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #56 on: 22 / May / 2008, 22:42:40 »
PhyrePhox - the poll is a great idea and hopefully this will focus some of the development efforts.

How about a poll for cameras that folks are interested in getting CHDK developed for?


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Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #57 on: 26 / May / 2008, 17:35:42 »
well, this post was created by the late (in forum terms) barney-fife, with all due respect.
Jim, porting chdk is quite a difficult process, ESPECIALLY without having access to an actual camera. essentially porting chdk to (yet) unsupported cameras boils down to this:
people who would vote for the porting are the ones who have to do it. porting without access to a camera is possible (and has been done a lot of times) but is difficult (depending on camera and some other factors). i like the way it is now: if you have an unsupported camera, you should open a new thread about it, dump the firmware, post the link and either invest time & brains on porting it on your own, or wait for people to join your cause. you can also try to send your camera to one of the trusted developers of this forum (this is for example currently being discussed in the case of the g9 port) to have your port being made in a jiffy.
porting a camera you dont even own is different from coding a feature (for chdk, and subsequently for ALL cameras chdk supports) because coding NEW things is much more fun and of course if you can use it on your camera you can actually see & use the result.

Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #58 on: 04 / June / 2008, 09:29:51 »
I miss the feature "disable pre-flash" in PSAM and auto modes. This feature would be helpful for two reasons:
1) it prevents blinking eyes
2) a slave flash is not triggered by the pre-flash


Re: POLL: Which missing features would you like to see?
« Reply #59 on: 15 / June / 2008, 04:50:22 »
Some of these add ons would be great

+24fps video recording
+video grain control
+video shutter speed control and lock

Thats all i guess :)


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