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Bad Pixel Count Always the Same?

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Bad Pixel Count Always the Same?
« on: 15 / August / 2010, 17:59:40 »
Just curious, but every time I run the badpixel.lua I always get the same bad pixel count no matter what light I'm in, lens cap on or off, ISO at 1600 or 80 or shutter speed? The count is always 14915. I know the count can be high, but always the same? Any ideas on what might be wrong. Yes the camera does take the 2 pics about 20 seconds apart and asks me if I want to save FYI.

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Re: Bad Pixel Count Always the Same?
« Reply #1 on: 15 / August / 2010, 19:11:24 »
This is expected for badpixel.lua. It records that pixels that the canon firmware already knows are bad, so that it can interpolate over them for DNG (required by DNG spec). It does not detect new bad pixels.

Some cameras have multiple tables for (depending on some combination of exposure, ISO, temperature...) but it won't change over the life of the camera.
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