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Powershot A3100 - Porting thread

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Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #110 on: 07 / January / 2013, 21:24:23 »
This version is working, too.
I'd play a little bit with the raw-mode, panorama and the HDR-script - working fine.
There are a lot of features now, the CHDK-menus is quite crowded. I'll check one point after the other and report any hick-ups. That will take some time. :)
Thanks for all the work! I think you can add this port to the gallery.  8)

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #111 on: 08 / January / 2013, 19:07:47 »
I've tested a lot and in conclusion I can say that the port feels really stable and functional.
Congratz, casrap! :)

At the moment I'm playing with all kinds of bracketing, with mixed results. Somehow I can't get my head around this even though the manual is very detailed.
But the additional features are really amazing. I had to recharge the batteries just of walking through the whole menus.

Here are some (minor) issues that I've found so far:
  • Switching of raw-mode by erase (in shortcuts) doesn't work. And btw. the buttons exposure and erase are unequal at the A3100IS (button up and down in fact). Maybe this is because of mapping these buttons to manual focus if activated?
  • Minor thing is that the "Camera model" at the raw image (CRW) is stated "PowerShot SX20". As long as we don't have proper models for compensating chromatic aberration and vignetting of the lens/cam manually this doesn't matter. But maybe someone got himself presets and want to differentiate his cams, so this is maybe just a string to fix.
  • The "benchmark" get the cam to crash while reading from memory (point 4). Here is the romlog:
Code: [Select]
ASSERT!! AFScanDriver.c Line 1228
Occured Time  2013:01:08 22:34:50
Task ID: 21168173
Task name: AFTask
SP: 0x00318FA8
01 02 07 00 00 01 02 0f 0f 0f
07 0a 02 0d 09 01 0f 0f 0f 0f
00006920: UI:No Change Capture Mode
00006920: UI:DSIC:c4,0
00006920: UI:ScreenLock
00006940: UI:ScreenUnLock
00006940: UI:LogiEvnt_NotPowerType:0x09a4:adr:0,Para:0
00006940: UI:LogiEvnt_NotPowerType:0x09a2:adr:0,Para:0
00010110: UI:DSIC:58,0
00012740: UI:ScreenLock
00012740: UI:DispSwCon_TurnOnDisplayDevice
00012760: UI:ScreenUnLock
00012960: UI:ScreenLock
00012960: UI:ScreenUnLock
00016260: UI:LogicalEvent:0x1163:adr:0,Para:0
00017170: UI:ScreenLock
00017170: UI:ScreenUnLock
00023550: UI:ScreenLock
00023550: UI:ScreenUnLock
00026450: UI:ScreenLock
00026450: UI:ScreenUnLock
00029180: UI:Button:0x000009A1:PressSwOne
00029180: SS:PreBuf
00029180: SS:BitR
00029190: UI:ShootState:0x1
00029190: UI:ShtCon_Activate
00029190: UI:DispSw: Lock
00029190: UI:ShtCon_PrepareCapture
00029190: UI:DSIC:61,0
00029190: UI:ScreenLock
00029190: UI:ScreenUnLock
00029230: UI:ScreenLock
00029230: UI:ScreenUnLock
00029240: UI:LogicalEvent:0x3135:adr:0,Para:0
00029240: SS:LoadTest:10
00029240: SS:PreCapt
00029270: UI:ShootState:0x2
00029270: UI:ClearEventComp
00029810: UI:ShootSeqToUI:0x2006:adr:0x45,Para:69
00029810: UI:ShtCon_SetPreCapt
00029810: UI:DSIC:62,0
00029810: UI:ScreenLock
00029830: SS:StartFcsChk
00029890: UI:ScreenUnLock
00029930: UI:_ResetShootingMode
00029940: UI:_EntryPrepareShoot
00029940: UI:ShootState:0x7
00030660: UI:Button:0x0000085C:PressWideButton
00033700: UI:Button:0x000009A2:UnpressSwOne
00033700: UI:_ExitSequence
00033700: UI:Sht_CancelStrobeChargeTimer
00033700: UI:DSIC:4c,0
00033700: SS:StopFcsChk
00033730: SS:CancelPre
00033980: SS:ChargeComplete
00033980: UI:DispSwCon_MuteOffPhysicalScreen
00033980: UI:MuteOffPhysicalScreen
00033980: UI:ShootState:0x0
00033980: UI:ShtCon_Deactivate
00033980: UI:DSIC:14,0
00033980: UI:DSIC:60,0
00033980: UI:DispSwCon_TurnOnDisplayDevice
00033980: UI:ScreenLock
00034140: UI:ScreenUnLock
00034220: UI:DispSw: Unlock
00034220: UI:DispSwCon:Unlock
00034220: UI:TerminateDeliverToZoomController
00034230: UI:Button:0x000009A1:PressSwOne
00034230: UI:ScreenLock
00034250: UI:ScreenUnLock
00034320: UI:_EntryIdleShoot
00034320: UI:ShootState:0x0
00034330: SS:PreBuf
00034340: UI:ShootState:0x1
00034350: UI:ShtCon_Activate
00034350: UI:DispSw: Lock
00034350: UI:ShtCon_PrepareCapture
00034350: UI:DSIC:61,0
00034350: UI:ScreenLock
00034350: UI:ScreenUnLock
00034410: UI:ScreenLock
00034410: UI:ScreenUnLock
00034410: UI:LogicalEvent:0x3135:adr:0,Para:0
00034410: SS:LoadTest:10
00034430: SS:PreCapt
00034460: UI:ShootState:0x2
00034460: UI:ClearEventComp
In fact if the fix would be in removing this entry from the menu, at least I wouldn't miss it. ;)

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #112 on: 09 / January / 2013, 06:25:24 »
I'll look at the error.
The rest of your points ar not really linked to this firmware/cam version but more general chdk remarks?
(AFAIK there is no camera identification string in the .crw)
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Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #113 on: 09 / January / 2013, 07:11:14 »
Interesting, so I would guess that UFRaw just estimates that this is a SX20, because of the type of raw format.
Well, the point of shortcut-raw on/off is not that important to me, it's just a little bit confusing. I can switch raw by the CHDK menu easily.

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #114 on: 09 / January / 2013, 08:49:10 »
Interesting, so I would guess that UFRaw just estimates that this is a SX20, because of the type of raw format.
Many (most?) image programs that support RAW do so using the dcraw libraries.  For CHDK raw images,  new camera are only supported when somebody submits a representative raw image (with color calibration data) from that camera.   As CHDK RAW images contain no format or camera information, its assumed that dcraw looks at the exact file size to identify which camera produced the image.  The file size depends on the sensor format and on how much of the sensor information (# of rows & # of columns) the person doing the port includes in the raw file so the exact size is usually unique to a camera (at least so far).
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Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #115 on: 09 / January / 2013, 09:43:33 »
Can you test the zoom function in movie mode?

btw: thanks for the rigorous testing so far  :)

I've checked the source for the a3000 (where i got my boot.c template from), and the error is not in there, so it was my own f*ckup that caused all problems. I'll correct the error in the 100d and 100b firmware version too.
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Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #116 on: 09 / January / 2013, 15:18:13 »
Yes, the zoom in video recording is working fine. :)
...as well as grid, games, panorama, bracketing (Tv, Ev, Iso incl. series with custom timer), zebra, histogram, raw/dng, custom Iso/Tv, super-fine jpg and the scripts incl. motion detection. And all the other stuff I can't remember right now.

It's my pleasure/for my own good to test. ;)
And from zero to hero in just three rc's is quite smooth in my opinion.

Hopefully someone will test the 100b...

Btw. but maybe also more a CHDK-thing: If I delete a file by the file-browser (pushing disp.), sometimes the directory isn't updated afterwards.

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #117 on: 09 / January / 2013, 17:45:08 »
Great, the 100a is as good as the 100d now  :)
The directory (on screen?) not updating must be a chdk feature.

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #118 on: 10 / January / 2013, 09:25:03 »
nafraf created a patch with the new loader from Philmoz (http://chdk.setepontos.com/index.php?topic=9027.msg93857#msg93857) made by whim. I've tested it and it works (both power up to rec mode and to play mode).

Re: Powershot A3100 - Porting thread
« Reply #119 on: 10 / January / 2013, 09:45:09 »
I've corrected the bug in boot.c for fw 100a,100b and 100d. The link to the source: https://www.box.com/s/k2ef8wyl4kh054pmzpmr

My latest compiled package for the 100a: https://www.box.com/s/qeki6aqss2bswe6k99fz (unchanged  since previous posting, tested working by Nonatoka).


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