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CHDK vs Rebel EOS XS Please help me!

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CHDK vs Rebel EOS XS Please help me!
« on: 17 / August / 2010, 16:02:26 »
Ive been wanting to get into photography for a while and i recently buckled down and got an S90. I bought it yesterday and so far i like it. I LOVE CHDK. but... im at a crossroad here, it was 100 less than an XS DSLR. What i want to do is lightening photography, highspeed, macro, HDR. not very many portraits, mainly landscapes and such, I know chdk firmware is good for some if not all of this but the thing is I really want the interchangable lenses, filters, etc. that you just cant do with the point n shoot. Anyone here have experience with chdk and one of these? if not could you give me your input on this? i think im going to return it and get the XS. is 1/4000 (max shutter speed for the XS) good enough to get highspeed stuff like lightening and raindrops hitting the ground? im new to all this and i know absolutly nothing about dslrs, but like i said, i want to get into it and its been a dream for a long time. is a point n shoot with CHDK not going to cut it for me? seems like spending 492$ for the S90 and memory card etc etc, isnt justifying the 499$ price tag of the XS

Re: CHDK vs Rebel EOS XS Please help me!
« Reply #1 on: 19 / October / 2010, 11:03:09 »
So you probably bought your XS and now got a lot of fun with it. I don't know either but I guess 1/4000 IS enough for rain drops, depends of course of them rush falling down to earth..  :lol And you won't miss the lightening, you just have to catch the right moment, don't you?

Or maybe you can answer now your questions yourself, even here?


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