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A495 porting thread

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Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #70 on: 15 / February / 2011, 08:23:08 »

Do you know if a SDM port is possible

I have just spent a very long time porting the IXUS105/SD1300 to SDM.
The original CHDK port was incomplete, that caused many problems.
I will NEVER port a camera again that has not been fully ported to CHDK and included in the 'trunk'.

When the A495 is complete, I will certainly port it.


Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #71 on: 17 / February / 2011, 09:39:16 »
I have been using the Beta version for a month and it works fine. Today I connected 6 cameras and used a remote shutter. Very cool!

Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #72 on: 17 / February / 2011, 21:04:13 »
  i am new to all this, about porting and dumping, it all sounds a bit over my head,keep up the great work guys so that idiots like me can reap the rewards, i had a chance to get a couple of 495s really cheap, but turned them down in favour of the 480s, so i could use sdm. now you guys have sorted them. i thought it would be ages, well done. bugger.

Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #73 on: 19 / February / 2011, 05:53:02 »
Hi. Impressive work. I found CHDK while searching if there is an easy way to hack and reprogram my camera. Just to give some feedback. I've tried beta2 on my A495 100f (red:)) camera. I didn't play long with it but spot few problems (if they are problems and I don't know if they are related to CHDK or to my camera model port). When in playback mode pressing the button that changes the shooting mode (i.e. auto, video, etc) works in different way. Instead of going to the last used mode after playback it goes in video mode. Enabling optical zoom while video recording works but if you zoom too much and go into digital mode then you zoom back it wont optically zoom back. Selecting the option to save raw files in the jpeg dir is not working, files are sill saved in CANON101 instead of 101_02. Regards.
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Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #74 on: 24 / February / 2011, 10:16:59 »
Hi everybody ... nice to see impressive work by everyone hacking canon camera ... i have a sony wx-1 but sony cameras are impossible to hack :P... i intended to buy a canon powershot but the thing is that only a495 version is available currently in market ... please the code guru guys !!! start completing chdk for a495 ... i personally will be trying too being a medium level programmer !



Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #75 on: 10 / May / 2011, 17:05:45 »
So I finally bothered to get over the hurdle of setting up the toolchain (look up rockboxdev.sh) and I built the 100f firmware successfully. Of course the 100d firmware does not build.

So here's my question: If I take sub/100f and copy it over top of sub/100d will that save me any time on porting? Or should I stick with what's already there?

(It should be pretty obvious I have no idea what I'm doing, but I've done some Z80 assembly, so it couldn't be that much harder, right?  :D :haha)
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Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #76 on: 10 / May / 2011, 17:11:03 »
FWIW, CHDKDE has autobuilds for both: http://forum.chdk-treff.de/download.php

I would suggest starting form their source if you want to work on it. Their SVN is at http://my-svn.assembla.com/svn/chdkde/

If you want to just use the CHDKDE builds, all you have to do is delete the CHDK/LANG/german.lng file and it will be in English.
Don't forget what the H stands for.

Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #77 on: 14 / May / 2011, 09:15:03 »
The Canon A490 belongs to the same familly as A495, it can work !
Users of A490 are waiting for one version .

One A495 is the same as 490 with a fews more possibilities , it is added version for recognizing the face of the human subject .
Can you check if we can use it ?
Thank you for your help and  enlightened assistance.

Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #78 on: 24 / May / 2011, 14:49:23 »
I have just bought a PowerShot A495. I should be using it with CHDK for a project.
But I have a major problem. I'm trying to get CHDK to run but i can't no matter what i do.
I have found the firmware version with the Picture method and found it to be 1.00D.
So i have downloaded the CHDK for version 1.00D for A495 from this:

I then use CardTricks and select the sd card (2 GB), then formats, make bootable and then click: CHDK -> Card .
Then i click exit... i then lock the card and put it in the camera.

I then click power button but nothing happens. The camera does not even start. if i take the sd card out or unlock the card the camera just starts normally.

This is really bad. I don't have a clue on how to get this working now and i'm begging for you help,

Will you please try and help me out?


Anders Vittrup
(have tried emailing fvdk, please help me out!)

I have bought 2 of these cameras both 1.00D (Blue).


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Re: A495 porting thread
« Reply #79 on: 24 / May / 2011, 15:40:57 »
Hi THUNDer, welcome to the forum !

Your preparations sound OK, here's some things to try:

- press and hold down the on/off button until you see CHDK logo (normally 1-2 sec)

- start the camera in Playback mode. If you don't see the logo, but the camera appears to start
  as if there's no CHDK, try manual boot. Press "Menu" to get into the Canon menu, select the
  leftmost tab and scroll all the way down, there should be a "Firm Update" entry. If there is
  it means your PS.FI2 is recognised and you can use it to start CHDK manually by selecting the
  "Firm Update option and following the prompts.

Note that I do not own this cam - these are just general instructions for starting CHDK.

hope that helps,



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