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One hour video shooting canon sd960 "hockey games" max file size limit

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I have been using a pair of SD1200 to shoot the hockey games during the past 09/10 hockey season in my adult TNTHL hockey league to great success. Every week I shoot two games that run just about one hour and then post them edited to Youtube, its great for highlights and catching dirty players and seeing exactly what happened on the ice. you can see a sample of the video here. Bruins vs Rangers Finals May 20 2010
This season I want to upgrade to a wide format to cover all the action in each zone this season. I plan to use two SD960's for this. I have done some basic testing and see that I am going to have a problem. I currently record 640x480 LP and that has worked great because I can record one hour straight and make the file size limit set by my the camera. I will not be able to do this with the SD960 as one hour will not fit in the max file size allowed by the camera. I am using 16GB cards so I know I have enough capacity, but the cameras stop recording around 25 minutes or the 4.29GB max capacity file size. If I am in the stands then I can stop the cam in between periods but when I am playing my head is in the game and I will forget to stop and start the cams in between periods. I see that there is no build for the SD960's but thought I would post to the form to see if anyone had any mod ideas or suggestions for me to shoot one hour straight in wide format. (Actually one hour and 5 minutes would be ideal but I will take one hour)
Thanks in advance
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