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getting GPL_Disassembling tools

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getting GPL_Disassembling tools
« on: 23 / August / 2010, 18:56:22 »
I'm trying to get hold of the arm-linux-gnu-objcopy & arm-linux-gnu-objdump for the GPL_Disassebling tutorial here. However all of the tarballs I download from the site seem to be corrupted, I get a some output but can't find these files and google search turns up nothing  :'(

any help appreciated


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Re: getting GPL_Disassembling tools
« Reply #1 on: 24 / August / 2010, 01:30:06 »
I think my disassembly tools use the same binutils I built for building CHDK (I still use gcc3, but probably the wikia CHDK devel section instructions for building an arm cross compiler apply)

Re: getting GPL_Disassembling tools
« Reply #2 on: 26 / August / 2010, 06:03:44 »
Think i've got them. Downloaded the binutils as i did for cross compiler, Althought they are arm-linux-objcopy not arm-linux-gnu-objcopy guess they are the same thing. Cheers for the pointer.


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