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S3 Display Wackiness

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S3 Display Wackiness
« on: 03 / October / 2010, 08:35:36 »
I've had a S3-IS for several years.  Last week took some photos.  Next day I turned it on, no display at all.  I thought, WTF.  The camera physically worked, took photos (read them off the memory card, looked fine), but neither the flip LCD nor the viewfinder would work.  Tried pulling the clock battery, no dice.

Fast forward to yesterday.  I dug out my TV cable and hooked it up, low and behold, perfect display on the TV.  Unhooked the cable, display transfers over to the camera.  Turned it off, turned it back on, no display on the camera.  Plugged in the video cable, unplugged, display.  I now have to do that every time I power on.

Thoughts?  It seems to me that the camera is falsely detecting that the external cable is hooked up, which I had never used until yesterday.  I'm willing to rip into it, but if there's an easier way I'm definitely wanting to take that first.


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Re: S3 Display Wackiness
« Reply #1 on: 03 / October / 2010, 15:42:34 »
On cameras where the AV plug isn't shared with USB,  there is a mechanical switch in the AV plug, independent of the AV hardware. This is known from the fact you can use a non-conducting item like a toothpick to turn off the display.

It sounds like this is going bad in some way on your camera. Since you've never used it, it's possible there's just some debris in there that is making it stick. I'd try a prodding it a bit with something.

Note that if this fails, it should be quite easy to make a CHDK build that makes the camera ignore this switch, just like we already do for the SD card lock.
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