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SD900 1.00C CHDK Support??

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SD900 1.00C CHDK Support??
« on: 29 / August / 2010, 23:10:01 »

For the life of me I cannot get CHDK to work on my Canon SD900. I cannot find a firmware specifically for this camera. I know it's an IXUS 900T, but I cannot find one for that camera, either. Have I somehow bought the ONE Canon Powershot that cannot use CHDK??

I have used Cardtricks properly, I believe. The camera won't even power up with the CHDK put on the card using the proper techniques (I have done this successfully on an SD1000). I am locking the card, it's FAT16, and I have tried a number of firmwares. The camera boots fine on a "normal" SD card and takes pictures otherwise. Any advice, anyone?



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Re: SD900 1.00C CHDK Support??
« Reply #1 on: 30 / August / 2010, 00:38:06 »

Take a look here in the Wiki: SD900 - 100C is still in beta
The linked page points you to the porting thread on the forum, where you will find your beta build.



Re: SD900 1.00C CHDK Support??
« Reply #2 on: 30 / August / 2010, 10:02:35 »
Hi! Thanks for your response!

Is there a sort-of working copy, then? I checked your link but I can't find a link to the firmware. My apologies if I'm blind!!!  :'(

Kind Regards,


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Re: SD900 1.00C CHDK Support??
« Reply #4 on: 11 / September / 2010, 17:58:54 »
You can find download links at the first post:,2031.msg18785.html#msg18785 or .


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