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Feature request: S90 control ring/dial turning direction

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Feature request: S90 control ring/dial turning direction
« on: 08 / September / 2010, 03:29:39 »

I have been a long time CHDK user on my old S2IS, which died on me with the dreaded lens extension error not too long ago. Recently, I bought an S90, love it. I had to try CHDK, and although still in beta it workes great.

THANKS to all of you who made this incredible piece of software.  :-* :-* It alone is worth sticking to canon powershots.

I have read that there is a handle in the software on the control rings functions, and that turning them off can be done in the software. (although one command turns them both off )

My request: I always find myself intuitively turning the front (lens) control ring in the wrong direction when using it to zoom, and I have to reverse it in the process when I see I'm zooming the wrong way. I was hoping it would be possible for someone to implement a simple switch on the control ring/dial turning direction: standard/reverse. Would it be possible to separately address the front and rear dials? But even if not, I use the front ring much more and would bear with the illogical turning direction of the rear dial. Might be handy for some other powershots too, and certainly for the new S95. I'm very interested in your thoughts on this.

Many thanks in advance,


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