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Newbie question: Can CHDK do this?

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Newbie question: Can CHDK do this?
« on: 08 / September / 2010, 18:00:19 »
Hi there,

I've searched the forum for this and haven't found an answer, thus my post; if it's in the wrong place, please feel free to relocate it.

Can a CHDK script be created which disables a camera function?  In the scenario I'm envisioning, the delete function, specifically.  Finally, in an ideal world, there is a "password" function which allows the function to be enabled or disabled.

Now that I've posed the question, here's the background which will provide some context.

I organized a photo marathon this past weekend, which involved 20 participants running around for 12 hours with disposable film cameras, taking one photograph for each theme on a list.  The photos are then developed and judged; it's a great creative challenge.  The problem is that this year, it was very difficult to find that many disposable cameras, and the word is it'll only get more difficult.  So the tentative plan is to go digital next year, which will also alleviate the problem of getting a lab to develop X disposable cameras in a short turnaround.

The thing is, the challenge doesn't work the same if you have the capacity to shoot and delete until you get exactly the right photograph.  Thus, if CHDK can be used to disable the delete functionality, and a small enough memory card restricts the number of photographs that can be taken, then now we're talking.  You may be thinking, "well, what about just taking the card out or using the USB connector to remove pictures you don't want"... we're thinking of just slapping a big sticker over the card and port access to seal those.  There'll be some honour system involved, but taking the delete button out of play is basically the major step.

Opinions, advice greatly appreciated.



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Re: Newbie question: Can CHDK do this?
« Reply #1 on: 08 / September / 2010, 18:14:29 »
In short, no CHDK cannot do this.

However, the image number and total shoot count in the camera should tell you. The image number can be reset, but would also require removing the card.
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