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White balance and RAW files

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Re: White balance and RAW files
« Reply #10 on: 21 / January / 2008, 09:40:33 »
vit40, DNG4PS-2 contains same matrix for A720 IS
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Re: White balance and RAW files
« Reply #11 on: 30 / January / 2008, 10:20:29 »
The camera must "know" the "as shot" temperature so it can process its sensor data into a color-corrected JPEG.   Has anyone found out how to access that info?

The camera knows but it only needs that information for processing the JPEG.  Once processed there's no need for it.  The Maker data shows you which WB setting was used, but that's about it.

WB is set just like any other RAW processing...either you shoot a gray card and use that as your basis or you find something white or gray in the image and use that.  I use Raw Therapee and the spot WB gives very good results.

Doing some comparisons between A710 JPGs and RAWs, this weekend, I came to the conclusion that there's no easy way to match the very good color rendition of the cameras sensor-to-JPG processing by processing RAWs by hand.

Hmmm...I don't seem to have any trouble.

Another thing I noticed: the A710's sharpening is really good.  It's difficult to match the JPG sharpness when sharpening the same exposure's RAW file in Photoshop Elements.

Yes, I have to say after working with A710 RAW and comparing to the matching JPEGs, that A710 sure does do a nice job in rendering images!  It's so good that I really only use RAW in situations where I know I can improve the image by using some of RAW Therapees special features, such as Edge Sharpening Only, and things like that.  Otherwise, there's no point...the JPEG is great (although I do shoot MyColors Neutral to remove the default color boost.)

Re: White balance and RAW files
« Reply #12 on: 12 / February / 2008, 10:13:24 »
Will CHDK ever be able to have acces to and embedd WB info in RAW files? Seems like an overlooked feature to me. I mean MD and shutter speed overrides are nice but the advantage of RAW gets lost when it's hard to reproduce the fine colors in Canon compacts.

Or at least someone could make a wiki entry with known color matrix values for different types of lightning.


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