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SX10 Error messages

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SX10 Error messages
« on: 19 / September / 2010, 17:21:37 »
Just installed CHDK on a newly acquired used, SX10, with about 1400 shots taken. Here is some info from the 3 info pages:
First page:
"Firmware ver GM102B"
"Jan 9 2009"
Second page:
Third page:
"Zoom Retry Count: 1"
"Mecha Condition: "0x00000000"

The camera seems to operate normally, no display of E18 when shooting.  I would appreciate an explanation of E18, VCMEncoderError, Zoom retry, Mecha condition.

thank you in advance...


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Re: SX10 Error messages
« Reply #1 on: 19 / September / 2010, 17:42:45 »
These record some errors that happened in the past, it's normal to have some on a camera that has had some use. If everything operates correctly, I wouldn't worry about it.

E18 essentially means the lens didn't move all the way in the expected time. This could happen if it was blocked by something for example. I'd guess the zoom retry count is related. Don't know about the VCMEncoder.
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