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Chdk for SX130 IS ?

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Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1090 on: 05 / October / 2014, 08:24:51 »
hell, i tried all 3 methods.. at the ends  my camera allways saw "card locked" or "card read error"

its a 16gb SDHC samsung class 10  (1U I)

and the card isnt broken, it works on my casio ex-zr200


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Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1091 on: 05 / October / 2014, 08:53:32 »
The SX130 was released before 2011. For autoboot is a small FAT16 partition necessary.

Format the card in the camera. Download zenos's STICK:
Follow the instructions of STICK. After that lock your sd card and try it again.


Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1092 on: 06 / October / 2014, 18:03:02 »
i tried Stick 4 times, didnt worked.  it screwed up my SD Card now.
when i put it into camera, chdk start but the camera says "card error" and wont take pics.
when i put it into windows computer, the BOOT partition is showing up with 16mb, but not the PHOTOS partition.
in Windows drive manager, BOOT partition is ok. But the 14.92GB partition is empty, cant be formatted, cant be deleted, cant be assigned and has no name.

Well  too much things to get it work, going to sell my sx130 and buy EOS for ML, which is way easier to install


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Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1093 on: 06 / October / 2014, 18:39:06 »
Hi gamerpaddy - sorry to hear you are having problems. Using a card larger than 4Gb in a pre-20111 camera like yours means that CHDK needs two partitions. And Windows will only let you see one of them at a time. My WASp app lets you switch between them - see

But my advice is use a 4Gb card - it avoids all those problems.
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Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1094 on: 16 / October / 2014, 06:49:12 »
Just to clarify something I mentioned in my previous post - and to save a little bit of time for those who wish to write the full sensor data to the DNG file. The correct (as far as I can tell) usable resolution is actually 4030x3020 (instead of the previously mentioned 4032x3024).

These extra pixels give you a slightly wider field of view than in the jpeg - you are not getting the same image as in the jpeg but at higher resolution. Occasionally these few extra pixels mean that objects that have slightly been clipped out of the field of view are now visible.

I have managed to significantly speed up the time the camera writes DNG files as well. I formatted my SD card with the maximum allowable sector size (64KB for my card in fat32). Apart from this, I also turned off 'review'. The combination of these 2 things has really blown me away, and the DNG hardly takes any longer than a jpeg to save.

To tie into the current conversation...  I have a 8GB card and always manually start CHDK.... takes about 2 seconds when you get used to it.


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Re: Chdk for SX130 IS ?
« Reply #1095 on: 29 / August / 2019, 00:02:30 »
Here's a test build of sx130is 101f with filewrite (PTP remote shoot) support.

If owners of other firmware versions want to test, please post or build your own using the attached patch.

Checked in, trunk 5260. Only 101f was tested, but the codegen is identical and doesn't refer to anything sub-specific, so it should be OK.
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