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focal length recall

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focal length recall
« on: 01 / October / 2010, 04:37:47 »
Possible that this feature already exists, But I can not find it.

 I am looking for a way to recall exact focal ranges. Ie set a value 55.8mm or whatever and have the camera zoom to that point. Wanting to use CHDK to help me create gigapans over the course of a few months for a geology project and need the photos to be as exact to each other as possible. Currently using a G9 but will be using a SX30 (as soon as it is ported :) )

Re: focal length recall
« Reply #1 on: 01 / October / 2010, 05:06:13 »
Welcome, that is quite a coincidence !

I have just been testing this with a G9 owner who is using Eye-fi cards for a time-lapse that could last up to a year.

It will be released within a few days but if you wish to try it now contact me with an email address.

Incidentally, you are mixing-up focus and zoom .. but you can save and restore both.
Also, you can only set focus to a whole number of mm.
At longer distances the focus reported by the camera may not match exactly to the mm for all practical purposes it will be correct.



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