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Genetic algorithm in Lua

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Genetic algorithm in Lua
« on: 02 / October / 2010, 05:11:46 »
I have uploaded to launchpad a version of a simple evolutionary algorithm (used for optimizing stuff)
I have been running it, without a problem, in a G9 camera. It outputs through the screen, and also in a file. The only difference with a standard GA is that it's written without floating point numbers.
Now the question is: Any idea of what could be done with this? Any optimization of settings, for instance? Any funky image processing on the fly?



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Re: Genetic algorithm in Lua
« Reply #1 on: 10 / November / 2010, 17:17:54 »
May be you could explain : Why and how this algorithm is "used for optimizing stuff"?

Re: Genetic algorithm in Lua
« Reply #2 on: 27 / March / 2012, 03:12:58 »
GA is a algorithm used to calculate optimization problem.

Optimization problem like multitude salesman problem.The algorithm can used to calculate the best route from one place to another place.ex. from A to B place include path EFGH. The algorithm select the best route with lowest cost to B.As far as I know, this algorithm can used for image processing, deal with image optimization.

Still...I don't get how GA work in this place.....This is interest algorithm but maybe wrong place.
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Re: Genetic algorithm in Lua
« Reply #3 on: 27 / March / 2012, 09:42:25 »
Idea is nice, but I can see no applications for image processing on CHDK-programmed camera. If you'd have access to DSP part of DIGIC you could do almost anything related to the image procesing. CHDK curretly has no direct access to the DSP. Without that all calculations are very slow (for image processing).

However, GA could be used for such things as calculating good exposure, best threshold for motion detection or maybe even for object tracking (camera could control some kind of mechanic stand).

There are only two things that limit you - physics and ingenuity:)

You can't do anything that camera hardware can't. But if something is possible for the hardware the *only* problem is how to tell the hardware to do this.
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