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Keoeeit's Long Exposure Intervalometer with zoom added (for astronomy)

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To take astronomy images with a sx10 (20xoptical zoom) piggybacking a small automated Meade etx70
telescope I have slightly modified Keoeeit's Long Exposure Intervalometer with a zoom option.
The script can be edited to various exposures and levels of zoom.
The script is for S type powershots,zoom levels for A type is btw 1 and 8 in contrast to S type 1-128,I guess.
Not a programmer at all,but perhaps other than I might be interested in building further on Keoeeit's well working intervallometer
Code: [Select]
rem Author - Keoeeit
rem ReAuthor - Chuck and Polle
rem do not run for many hours or days
@title Non-stop Long Exp Timelapse
@param b Interval (Seconds)
@default b 30
@param c Interval (10th Seconds)
@default c 0
@param d Initial Delay (Seconds)
@default d 3
@param e Noise reduction (0=auto 1=off 2=on)
@default e 1
@param f Capture Raw Image (0 or 1)
@default f 0
@param g ISO (-1=hi,0=auto,1=80,..,5=800)
@default g 4
rem - polle insert
rem @param h Backlight (0=off, 1=on)
rem @default h 0

rem set flash off
set_prop 143 2

if t<100 then let t=5000
print "Interval shooting."
print "Until you interrupt it."
print "Use with caution."

sleep d*1000
goto "shot"

rem  values set_zoom_rel 128 will give full zoom,and set_tv96_direct = -576 equal exposure 65 sec, -300 equals
rem  8 seconds of exposure and value -420 appr. 25 seconds of exposure

  print "Shot number", n
  set_zoom 0
  sleep 1000
  set_zoom_rel 64
  sleep 1000
  set_raw_nr e
  set_raw f
  set_iso g
  set_tv96_direct -420
  sleep t
goto "shot"
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