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tv_uni_e.lua modification help

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tv_uni_e.lua modification help
« on: 22 / October / 2010, 04:04:39 »
Hi all!
I find chdk yesterday, its create! There is working beta also for my SX120 IS!!!
It would help me a lot, if someone could help me to modify example script "tv_uni_e.lua"
I tried to find "programmer" inside me, but I didnt manage to change it the way I want.

I would like default:

Zoom not 0 but in 10 example (from 23).

Focus: macro

Delay: 10 seconds (with sound: command: "playshound 3").
10 seconds defauld (without the sound) was the only thin I managed to change from code myself ;)

For ISO and F I can use general commands.


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