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Full Speed Zoom in Video - SX20

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Full Speed Zoom in Video - SX20
« on: 10 / November / 2010, 18:26:34 »
I searched through here and couldn't find anything mentioning this topic, so here goes...

On my SX20 I've got three different zoom speeds.. Two per mode, based on how far you move the zoom lever: High and mid speeds during picture taking, mid and low speeds during video. What I'd really love to do is be able to use the high and mid speeds during video (regardless of the fact that I'll hear the high speed in the video; this is not important to me). Now I know CHDK enabled optical zooming in video for cameras without the ability (like my SD770), so surely it's possible to enable the full zoom speed in video on the SX20 as well? Like, have it selectable in the Video menu in CHDK or something like that. Or maybe there's some script already for this that I'm not finding?
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