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SX20IS + CHDK + 16Gb + HDvideo question

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SX20IS + CHDK + 16Gb + HDvideo question
« on: 21 / November / 2010, 11:44:12 »
Hi All !

Been here long ago when I loaded CHDK to my A650IS.  Had to get a new login since I couldn't remember my original.  Anyway....

I currently have the SX20IS.

I have a few questions.  I DID do a search to find my answers to them, but I was coming up with so many results for my card size question....

My first question is regarding the 4Gb limit issue with trying to get CHDK onto a card.  Some threads say it can be done, but I haven't found a CLEAR method to enable CHDK to work on cards larger than 4Gb.  Can someone point me to the clearest procedure on how to get CHDK working on a 16Gb card (or larger) ?

My second question should be easier.  As it stands, the camera will not record an HD video file beyond 4Gb in size.  Would loading CHDK allow the camera to record HD video as large as the card will allow?  If yes, will the SX20IS work with a 32Gb card?

Thanks in advance for any/all advice !!!


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Re: SX20IS + CHDK + 16Gb + HDvideo question
« Reply #1 on: 21 / November / 2010, 14:37:43 »

Not very clear, but comprehensive ;) It's a complicated problem that requires some technical understanding.

You will find some mentions of manually loading CHDK with PS.FI2, which allows you to use CHDK without doing anything special to the card, but AFAIK it does not currently work on SX20

Files larger than 4GB are impossible even on FAT32, so CHDK cannot changes this.
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