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removing of own attachments

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removing of own attachments
« on: 19 / February / 2008, 17:38:29 »

in order to not clutter up your forum and also to not confuse people i started to remove all my attached and linked compiled binaries in my "projects" thread. is there perhaps a better way instead of manually editing each post (at least for the attachments?). in e.g. vbulletin you can see all your attachments in your profile and can delete them all at once, if am not mistaken.
i will clean my thread now without this functionality. just wanted to ask, maybe there is this "cheap" modification out there :)

Re: removing of own attachments
« Reply #1 on: 10 / March / 2008, 17:42:08 »
There's a download system available, I'll look into it.


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