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bokeh emulator - evil cousin of digital zoom!

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bokeh emulator - evil cousin of digital zoom!
« on: 17 / December / 2010, 04:48:29 »
hello everybody!
I'm definitely a newbie here, but first of all I want to thank the developers of this stunning project, CHDK.
Then, I'm writing because of an idea that I stumbled upon, that is emulate wider apertures.
Talking about bokeh, I was thinking: what if CHDK could record a "map" of the relative distances from camera of the different areas in the frame during focusing process? From this "depth map" and the picture taken merged together, it should be possible emulate via software every aperture wider than the one actually used for the shot. This way it should be possible to take pictures with, let's say, f1,4 for example! Naturally, I'm not talking about the amount of light captured (no faster shutter speed) but we could emulate a nice bokeh! :D
It would NOT possible emulate a closer aperture, on the other side, because of the obvious not-faseabilty of recreating details from already blurred areas.
Moreover, this would be really sweet if we could have it straight into camera!
Just to talk, I was thinking about something the guys at AlienSkin did with their "Bokeh" program. But that's just to say.
I mean, there's already a digital teleconverter. Why shouldn't we have even the other side of the coin?

Regards, and sorry for my rude english!
E., proud tiny canonist!
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