(solved) Is there a canon camera that set the bit when key is press ?

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    it seem that Cameras with chdk currently running clear a bit in


    when a key is press

    read here for more what values a SX210 bring


    but the ixus 1000 HS we now want to get working, set the bit when a key is press.see here the key values


    and for the IX1000 HS this code for example work wrong and return 0 when a key is press and 1 when no key is press for every key that is check

    long kbd_is_key_pressed(long key) {
        int i;
        for (i=0;keymap.hackkey;i++) {
            if (keymap.hackkey == key) {
               // return ((kbd_new_state[keymap.grp] & keymap.canonkey) == 0) ? 1:0; // default chdk code, work not for IX1000HS
              return ((kbd_new_state[keymap.grp] & keymap.canonkey) == 0) ? 0:1; // work for IX1000HS
        return 0;

    but there need other functions in platform.... kybd.c change to get it work.
    Are there Cameras that work in same way as IX1000 HS ?

    maybe DSLR ?
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    Ixus 1000 HS

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    Re: Is there a canon camera that set the bit when key is press ?
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    If somebody have such a problem the wrong pysw_status address is used.there seem more addresses here that store keyboard values.

    you need use the address that clear a bit on keypress

    when use in 100d this seem correct.
    DEF(physw_status, 0x34408)                 // found at FF834B8C

    i see now when a key is not press all bits are set.
    I see also that SD card write protect can now see too

    I am happy that this cam is not diffrent and hope can get the keyboard soon correct working and maybe the Video key can work as alt key
    Ixus 1000 HS


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