Full quality photo preview while long press arrow buttons

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Full quality photo preview while long press arrow buttons
« on: 22 / December / 2010, 01:24:13 »
Me and my friends we a teachers, and we are using ours Canons to make some live animation with our childes: we are making a series of photos and display it with more then 3 fps to view animation. Most times we are no need a HD video, and using 640?480 mode or same lowest resolution.

When in view mode on my A710IS i'm pressing left and right arrows for long time, photos on screen changing automatically, but in reduced quality. It's using embedded preview from photo files. If i remove this previews from files by PC and card reader, in my camera this photos changing without quality reducing and (sic!) still normal speed! May be because low resolution of the photos by self.

Is any possibility to have this unreduced quality just after shooting, without using PC? I think, it's may be more quality embedded preview, or new menu item in CHDK to remove previews from all photos, or special mode for long-press navigating without using embedded previews or something else... Is some of this exists? Or what can i do?
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