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Apple Aperture 3 and DNGs

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Apple Aperture 3 and DNGs
« on: 27 / December / 2010, 15:20:58 »
I've looked around, and just wanted to get a clear answer on this. I have Aperture 3.1, and it can read DNGs from my SX10 with CHDK loaded. I'm less than pleased with the results I'm getting, specifically the amount of noise, and realize it could be anything from the user, the camera, and the program. I've read some discussions mentioning some pre-conversion, but can't tell if that's still necessary with 3.1 or not. Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Apple Aperture 3 and DNGs
« Reply #1 on: 27 / December / 2010, 16:13:16 »
For noise, this is probably just how the camera is, but without seeing a sample and knowing the exposure settings no one can tell you whether this is the case, or there is something else wrong.

Modern P&S cameras do a lot of image processing magic on when they make a jpeg. To get equivalent quality from a raw, you have to do equivalent magic in your raw workflow.
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