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500d development

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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1060 on: 12 / May / 2011, 10:07:10 »
All right. thanks for you answer Alex.

You're absolutly right, Ml is def a powerful tool. That's why i think it's very important to understand clearly what every feature does in order to enjoy shooting/working with it.

to be honnest, i haven't been looking into that code yet, so i have no idea about the structure of that code. That's why i was wondering if it was even possible.
But you're right, it's really not that important to have the menus in an another language, Having a good user manual is for sure more important.

Imma work on it. Let's keep a single manual for all cameras for now. And we can add the specific stuff later. I guess there's only a few features that dont work the same.

Can i Pm you for any question about the behaviour of any feature ?

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1061 on: 12 / May / 2011, 10:18:26 »
Actually, i read my post just above, and it's really not clear :lol:

So what i wanna know is : in the code, the actual name of the features (as they are written in the menu, (for exemple "focus peaking")) matters ?

so for a translation, would i need to re write all the code, or i could just transalte the menu ?

damn it.. Still confusing...sorry i hope you understand.

i guess i should just try to follow your tutorial to get started, and take a look at that code myself.
i think you could leave all of the code but change strings (like what's printed) to french. strings are inside double quotes "".


bmp_printf( FONT_MED, 0, 0, "this is a print statement" );

oh.. That's different.. So it would be "kinda easy".. I would just need to translate and replace the english term with a french one.
I guess that would help keeping the autoexec small. (alex when you say "there is also a limit on autoexec.bin size, and we are very close to it", how close are we ? Does a few more (or less depending on the traduction) characters would be a problem ?

And i know you guys are real code beasts and that you guys are releasing a new build every 30 minutes :D, but the menu doesn't change that much at every builds. So it wouldnt be a big work at all to keep the french/span/jap/whatever version updated.

On the other hand it's probably not the best solution, cause that means there would be a different Autoexec for each language..
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Offline utnuc

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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1062 on: 12 / May / 2011, 10:37:10 »
 I think was a1ex was getting at is that there is not enough room for one ML firmware that supports multiple languages.  Changing the titles of the menus and recompiling in a different language would need to be done for each new build.  It wouldn't change the filesize drastically enough to worry about anything.  Having a separate French autoexec.bin is the best solution.

 I can write a bash script (using sed) to search and replace each menu item with the French equivalent.  This would streamline the distribution of each new French build (especially since Coutts is rocking the house with a new build every few days).  If you want, just send me the menu translations and I can put it together (and maintain the most updated build in French).


Re: 500d development
« Reply #1063 on: 12 / May / 2011, 10:49:54 »
Yep Utnuc. That's what i meant.

We can give it a try, and see.. :)


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1064 on: 12 / May / 2011, 12:19:02 »
Few thoughts about custom firmware i expressed in my video:
Sorry for my english and few rude words :)


- menu flickers
- pressing SET button to change values is really boring
- custom iso randomly changes from what i set
The answers to your questions are very very very very very simple.
Its BETA software, here is a wikipedia link for you to study this term...

There is no comparison comparing beta software with professional released software as you have done in the video. I suggest you read the manual then you will realise that there is a way to get the values to go backwards instead of forwards.

No it wouldnt be "kinda easy" at all, you will need to go through hundreds of lines of code, and as soon as an update is released you will need to start again and do it all again. A better approach would be translating the manual IMO. From my experience, France is similar to Japan, ie there is no real concept of Open Source in its true sense.

Good idea, will link to those files on the wiki :)
Edit: Its been there all along ;)
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1065 on: 12 / May / 2011, 12:29:05 »
haha my thoughts exactly! I just watched The Terminal (with Tom Hanks) for the first time last night and I felt like he sounded almost like Tom Hanks lol.

@Vorob- Maybe complaining to Canon about their firmware would be more productive.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1066 on: 12 / May / 2011, 12:30:10 »
@Vorob - It works great the way it is.  You just have to read the manual.  If you don't like it change it!  First you have to learn C.  We're not doing this custom for you, it's for everybody!  Please try to keep your comments focused on an issue that matters.  Great job Coutts!

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1067 on: 12 / May / 2011, 12:53:21 »
We can use a script to do the job.


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1068 on: 12 / May / 2011, 12:57:26 »
But what would be the point of using a script?
All you are going to get are questions, what does this do, how does this work etc, its not all that clear to the novice or especially non native speaker. You would need to learn a lot just to achieve a little, and then still need to translate the manual, and support it in French.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1069 on: 12 / May / 2011, 13:08:14 »
Exactly Jamez !
It's pointless for now to do that.
and in my previous post, i was saying that the most important thing is to have a clear manual.

Then there's no need to translate the menus. After that, it's easy (even for a french guy :lol:) to use ML efficiently. Even if he doesnt understand the meaning of the words "focus peaking" at least he knows what this features does, and how to use it.


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