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500d development

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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1190 on: 22 / May / 2011, 05:02:04 »
yea same here

I have an easier solution to avoid opening the difficult battery door.  Turn off, put in normal memory card.  Turn on, turn off. Go to bed.

yea i tried to do the same before but no luck.

and yea Coutts, thats the only way atm haha thanks for you continuing work btw :)


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1191 on: 22 / May / 2011, 08:34:46 »
Never have I seen someone make such a fuss about removing a battery before!

FWIW, I tested leaving the camera on all night last night with a half charged battery.
The autoshut off worked, and this morning... I still had half a full battery.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1192 on: 22 / May / 2011, 10:12:47 »
It's not that I'm too lazy to take the battery out.  What about the 1000 future Canon/ML users who are not aware of this problem?

Your cynical tone is not appreciated.  I'm trying to help!  Please try to understand my point of view Jamez.  I have found a solution on my own without getting into the code.  This was a major problem for me.  If the battery goes dead SOMETIMES, how can I predict when it will happen again?  It is too often.  It can happen while I stop shooting to eat lunch.  It can happen during the day when I'm awake.  You want me to take out the battery 10x a day?  This is too much work.  I am sorry, but my fingers can not operate the battery cover.  There must be a better solution.  I have described it above.  Just because you have success one time, does not mean there is no bug.

I did not leave the camera on.  I turned it off with the switch.  Different circumstances.

Why can't we all just get along?  And be nice!

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1193 on: 22 / May / 2011, 10:40:30 »
I never encounter this battery problem so far. lucky me... :D

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1194 on: 22 / May / 2011, 10:48:09 »
The problem has been solved for the 550d.  Why can't we do the same thing here?  It seems like a worthwhile effort considering the frequency and consequences of the error.  Am I the only one who feels this way?  Then I guess I'm the only one working on it...  ;)

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1195 on: 22 / May / 2011, 11:33:20 »
No offense sbright23 but this is better meant for https://bitbucket.org/alins/magic-lantern-for-500d/issues under issue #63. We keep issues there so that things are a bit more clean on here. The guys do read them and get to them but you gotta be patient.

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1196 on: 22 / May / 2011, 11:46:07 »
Jamez has asked me to refrain from posting issues on this forum.  He seems to be the person in charge here.  Goodbye everyone!  Those who need to reach me for help programming know how to do it already.

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1197 on: 22 / May / 2011, 11:52:50 »
Pat thanks for your kindness!  That's the politeness I've come to expect as a professional.  Coutts, I'm glad you have recognized that my issue is valid.  Your solution is great, but you cannot expect it to work for a new ML user as your firmware gets more popular.

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1198 on: 22 / May / 2011, 11:57:56 »
OooopS! All I can do is smile.. :) guys lets just be positive on this.. ML exist to make 500D users happy! :D @Coutts: Thanks a lot for the effort and to the rest of the developers... thank you! :D

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1199 on: 22 / May / 2011, 12:25:30 »
The reason I have been posting issues and concerns here for the last 5 months, is that I wanted to get feedback and inform those users who do not read the bug list daily on the other website.  Anyone want me to continue?


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