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500d development

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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1670 on: 27 / October / 2011, 07:30:56 »
Awesome work from everyone involved.

I just have one question on the install procedure:

Install Procedure:
- Upgrade to v1.1.1 firmware first.
- Download the .zip file and unzip it to your sd card.
- Run the firmware update on your camera

I've already used magic lantern on my 500D (with firmware 1.1.0) before the unified version came out and I'd like to know if the step "Run the firmware update on your camera" from the install procedure is needed.

Since I already have the boot flag active I think I don't need it, am I right?

Thank you.


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1671 on: 27 / October / 2011, 08:02:24 »
If the camera doesn't boot ML, run upgrade firmware. If it does... no need to do this :)

Direct dropbox link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/33161628/ml-unified-500d-coutts-10-26-11.zip


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1672 on: 27 / October / 2011, 09:04:30 »
Yes, you need to upgrade to 1.1.1 first, it wont run on 1.1.0.
Im working on updating the docs, and will have it done by Sunday.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1673 on: 27 / October / 2011, 09:30:30 »
@ anyone

i think i'm going crazy :) where's Q button? and how to work with it for auto tunning of WB? :)

@ Coutts

finally i installed ML :) YAY!!! :) thanx a lot

I wonder if you will try to work on video mode as this release is pretty good. Just had few ERR70, i think the body heats a little more...but apart from that i like it ;)


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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1674 on: 27 / October / 2011, 11:18:58 »
Q button is the "record" button, the one next to the red dot on the back of your camera.
See Alex`s guide regarding your other question, on the ML site.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1675 on: 27 / October / 2011, 13:02:52 »
First, thanks to all for the amazing work on this project.

Next, realizing that this is a work in progress, should playback of audio through the camera speaker be currently working, or have I missed something. Maybe I should ask, which audio features are currently confirmed operational.

As a long time user of Canon cameras, thanks again for breathing new life into the T1i.

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1676 on: 27 / October / 2011, 14:19:13 »
Yeah same here I love the new update with the firmware file and all, all is working nice so far except for in vid mode when i record at 1280x720, i actually get lots of err70 with or without features turned on, but dont worry I expect issues since its still in alpha phase, 640x480 seems pretty stable, only thing in photo mode that is differ then the old releases i am curious about is the follow focus, in the old releases u could niceley fine tune the focus with the arrow keys, but now you dont have that small fine tuning ability anymore, it just goes to a set range or something when you press the keys, so no way to fine tune like before, not sure if the old way was the way it was suppose to work or if this way is how it should really work? The old way was much better to be able to get that nice fine tuning in small incerments, but i like all the new features in this realease so its worth it, just wondering if this is one of those things that can be eventually fixed or is it actually working fine now and before it was working wrong? thanks again alex and coutts for making the 500d fun again!!!
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1677 on: 27 / October / 2011, 15:59:22 »
i've just ordered the rca adapter needed for audio monitoring, it should be here by the end of next week. once that comes I'll be able to fix audio monitoring (finally) and audio playback.
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Re: 500d development
« Reply #1678 on: 27 / October / 2011, 22:50:20 »
Well I have to give praise to ML gods  :D The audio remote works perfect!

I noticed that the mic input source has an option for external as well as internal. I have a Bluetooth audio receiver found here -
I would like to be able to release my camera from a far distance with it using a smart phone. I know the 500D doesn't have an external mic input, but does anyone know if there is an adapter I can get to plug in the usb or remote inputs for the receiver to work with remote shot?

Right now I'm using a small Bluetooth headset with some sticky velcro next to the internal mic to release the camera from my phone using an android app called photoirmote -
The app plays beeps that can be converted to an ir signal using ir emitter plugged into the phone.  But I just use the app to play a beep on the headset.  The main downside is that I have to turn the gain up high because the headset isn't that loud, and then moving the camera or making any kind of noise at all sets the camera off.

Re: 500d development
« Reply #1679 on: 28 / October / 2011, 00:47:24 »

Obviously a firmware hack can't enable a hardware feature like external mic input.  I just added an external mic input.  I plan on making and instructables for it but for now I followed this youtube video.


I also have used this hack on my camera. I cannot record sound from the built in mic since it was rewired to an external port. In earlier version, back in early 2011, the setting had to be set at internal mic to work as there is nothing telling the camera it is actually a external port and not the built in mic.

Sound is still mono so don't get any high hopes about things...but even my el cheapo wireless mic has better sound than the on board mic.

Anyways, if there is a way to go through usb now that'd be pretty sweet, doubt it though.


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