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Can't install on G11

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Can't install on G11
« on: 30 / December / 2010, 19:42:21 »
I am not able to get a Firmware Update option to add CHDK on the G11 Menu. Following directions exactly. Here is what happens, my comments in red:


- When you extracted the archive it placed a file on your card called "vers.req" (or "ver.req" depending on the camera model). This will allow you to see, with the right camera-button presses, the TRUE firmware version of your camera (and other interesting information).

- Press your "Set" button, hold it down. While holding down your "Set" button press your "Display" button. You will see the version of the firmware in your camera. Confirm that it is the right firmware to match up with the CHDK that you downloaded. Your real firmware version is NOT nor Your REAL firmware version will look something like: "Firmware Ver GM1.00A". (Pressing "Display" again a few times while still holding down your "Set" button will let you see even more information about your camera, including total number of shots taken since it was made.)


- If all went well, correct camera, correct firmware, correct CHDK, now you can actually load and run CHDK.

- While still in PLAYBACK MODE press your camera's "Menu" button to open Canon's Menu  OK

- Scroll to the bottom of the menu to the "Firm Update" option which should now be available. NO UPDATE OPTION! CHECKED ALL THREE COLUMNS OF THE MENU. SOME ORIGINAL MENU CHOICES NO LONGER AVAILABLE. If by chance that you fail to see the "Firm Update" menu option try pressing your Playback button twice. You might have to wait 2 seconds between presses. THIS DOES NOT HELP. IT DOES TURN THE CAMERA OFF AND THEN BACK ON AGAIN IN PLAYBACK MODE. When this is done right the lens will retract and go into a power-saving viewer/slideshow playback mode. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE THE LENS IS ALREADY RETRACTED AND DOES NOT EXTEND IN PLAYBACK MODE!?.  This seems to be an option on most Powershot Cameras.

- Now that your menu cursor is on the "Firm Update" option, press your "Set" button or "Right" navigation button to enter the "Firmware Update" Screen. Either button press will work. CAN'T GET TO THIS POINT.


Comments appreciated. What am I missing here?


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Re: Can't install on G11
« Reply #1 on: 30 / December / 2010, 20:07:44 »
Hello & welcome, harryse !

I am not able to get a Firmware Update option to add CHDK on the G11 Menu
The G11 CHDK DOES NOT support the manual loading method through the firmware update mechanism !
--> start CHDK from a CHDK-bootable SD card !


Re: Can't install on G11
« Reply #2 on: 31 / December / 2010, 13:08:53 »
Many thanks for your help. Now trying the proper method.


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