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Trouble preparing SD card with CardTricks

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Trouble preparing SD card with CardTricks
« on: 31 / December / 2010, 13:51:38 »
First, thanks to fe50 for prior help with getting CHDK onto a G11 camera.

I now am trying to prepare SD card per CardTricks with results as follows. My comments in red along with original instructions:

1. If you are using an external card reader, connect it to the computer.

2. Put the SD card in the card reader.

3. Open My Computer and verify that the card is visible. It will show up as a removable device. Put the mouse pointer over the icon, and see if the size matches your SD card's size. (I am using Windows XPP and need to right click to get info, not just hover. The info is correct, 1.89GB. I can also drag and drop to the card and delete contents, indicating that the interface is operating properly.) If not, check your card reader installation procedure. Don't go any further until you are sure you have this reader working and your card accessed.

4. Download CardTricks from the Card Tricks thread and save it to your computer. Double-click on the exe file and click Extract.

5. Once downloaded, open the exe file.

All above steps OK.

However, cannot perform any of following steps because a new window appears "Browse for Folder" which requests "Select your SD card drive." (CardTricks v. 1.44 Window appears dimmed in background.) I do select the proper drive and click on OK but the window immediately reappears. Cannot "cancel" the window or close it out. Have to go to Task Manager to end the program.

6. Check the Auto box above the image of an SD card/SD stamp. (See screenshot at right.)
7. Click the SD card image/SD stamp (below the Auto box) and select the card.

Must be missing something else, but getting closer at least!
Thanks for any assistance.
Just occurred to me, my browser is Firefox. Is that a problem?


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Re: Trouble preparing SD card with CardTricks
« Reply #1 on: 31 / December / 2010, 14:06:16 »
Hi harry !

You haven't by chance moved "CardTricks144.exe" out of the folder
that you let "CardTricks144-SFX.exe" unpack to ?

Or, to put in another way, you should have CardTricks144.exe, CardTricks144.ini and the CardTricks folder
all 3 in the folder where you unpacked CardTricks144-SFX.exe


PS ... and Happy New Year, of course, if already applicable  :D  (I still have ~ 4 h to go)
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Re: Trouble preparing SD card with CardTricks
« Reply #2 on: 01 / January / 2011, 09:18:38 »
Many thanks whim. That was precisely my error. This is an excellent board for helping beginners on the topic of increasing the performance of digital camera systems. I got started in the analog days, moving more than a square foot of ultra high resolution film per second through stereo cameras moving at Mach 3+ nearly 50 years ago, and marvel at today's technology.


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