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sx20is startup crash

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sx20is startup crash
« on: 01 / January / 2011, 10:34:11 »
Anyone have any ideas why my sx20is is crashing when i turn it on with chdk on 2 partions (one fat16 2mb and the other the rest as fat32).
it loads up fine the second time i press the power button but it is annoying!

to me it seems to not want to switch to the larger partition but i am not sure why....have made sure to fully format the card and everything.

it never crashes when i have chdk on a single partition of fat16 (4gb)

any ideas?  please help.
sx20is 1.02d


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Re: sx20is startup crash
« Reply #1 on: 01 / January / 2011, 19:17:02 »
I don't have this problem, I can reliably boot my camera. I have a 16GB card with two partitions, one is 16MB (fat16), the other (fat32) is the rest. The boot file and the CHDK folder are on separate partitions. I really don't think this should matter, but did you try increasing the size of the boot partition? This is the only difference that I can currently spot (except for the different card sizes, and probably card brand/model).

Re: sx20is startup crash
« Reply #2 on: 01 / January / 2011, 19:41:08 »
Hey, i'll give making a larger boot partition a try and see what happens!  maybe needs room to expand some files or something?  don't know anything about how it works so


sx20is 1.02d

Re: sx20is startup crash
« Reply #3 on: 01 / January / 2011, 23:17:29 »
wish i could say it had made a difference but it didn't help to increase the boot partition size.

It must be the brand of sdhc card i have (Dane-Elec 8Gb class 6 proline)

I'll stick with 2 4GB partitions until i get a new sd card.

Love CHDK!   just is terrible when little things like this cannot be explained (always happens to

sx20is 1.02d

Re: sx20is startup crash
« Reply #4 on: 06 / January / 2011, 00:19:14 »
someone with the same problem i have!!!
sx20is 1.02d


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