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A570IS Burst Preferences Problem?

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A570IS Burst Preferences Problem?
« on: 03 / January / 2011, 17:20:20 »
I am starting to use CHDK on my A570IS.

Normally I have used most default settings for preferences but have started to use the burst mode recently.

There seems to be something wrong because every time I turn the camera off the burst mode setting changes to single.

Am wondering if this burst to single change also occurs when using CHDK?

Searched the forums for other A570IS owners to find out if they also have this problem but  found nothing.

Would be interested to find out if other A570IS owners also have this problem.




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Re: A570IS Burst Preferences Problem?
« Reply #1 on: 03 / January / 2011, 17:38:50 »
All Canon P&S cameras do that and you aren't the only one that finds it annoying. CHDK doesn't affect it nor does it fix it.


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