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Manual focusing with zoom button SX20

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Re: Manual focusing with zoom button SX20
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For very close Macro work like the SX20 is capable to achieve...meaning that the object is only 1 or 2 centimeters away from the front of the lens, I have found that I need to lower the value to about 10 or 15. Having said that, if I were to photograph something much farther (like I was trying to do in my first test shots) it seems that this is when the Steps need to be higher.
I changed the script to incorporate your observations. Instead of the "Step" parameter being the "amount" to change each time, I changed the "Step" parameter to be the "amount times 5" to change each time. Should make it easier to change step values - the Step parameter would be "2 or 3" for macro and "7 or 8" for routine photos.

I also incorporated a safety check in case the user sets the "Step" parameter less than 1.

Code: [Select]
rem Author SkyWalker9
@title ZmFocus
@param b Step size [x5]
@default b 8

if b<1 then b=1

sleep 500

get_focus f
print "focus: ", f
print "Zoom IN or OUT"

sleep 1000
press "shoot_half"

   is_key k "zoom_in"
   if k=1 then gosub "zoom_in"
   is_key k "zoom_out"
   if k=1 then gosub "zoom_out"
goto "loop"

  print "Zoom IN or OUT"

  set_focus f
  print "focus: ", f

  set_focus f
  print "focus: ", f

sleep 1000
release "shoot_half"


You are the man! Thanks a million. CHDK community is super and very helpful. I DO appreciate everything you have done for me here more than you can even think.
SX20 1.02d


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