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Comunication with Pc + PC Shoot

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Comunication with Pc + PC Shoot
« on: 11 / January / 2011, 16:55:23 »
I'm developing an application to comunicate with the PC, some thing like this
And i read this topic
and this one

I have downloaded the last trunk version from
and would to like know if anybody can help, at least telling me how to begin, because nor build any version I could to do at this moment.
I'm not so familiar with C or C++, I'm using C# to develop

I'm using an A495 and an A480


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Re: Comunication with Pc + PC Shoot
« Reply #1 on: 11 / January / 2011, 22:22:34 »
As I explained in PM, the code required for what you see in the video is not available in current CHDK. It is also not in CHDKDE. It is only in ewavrs version, which is discussed in the PTP thread you linked, and also on the PTP extension wiki:

To use this, you will have to implement the code from ewavrs version in your cameras. You can find that code from links in the wiki. If you don't want to use ewavrs chdkcam app, or want to change the protocol at all, you'll also need to write a client that can communicate over PTP.

It is my intention to add this functionality back into the main CHDK (along with a client library and application for the PC), but it will take some time.
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