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Does CHDK allow a camera to shoot faster bursts and consecutive shooting?

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I'm shopping around for my first camera to mod with CHDK, one of the important features for me is how fast the camera can shoot in burst mode as well as consecutive shooting.  Does CHDK do anything to improve the shooting speed, or will I have to go by the stock specs?

One of the things that got me wondering, I was doing research on the Digic 3 and Digic 4 processors, and on wikipedia it says that the rebel t1i and t2i use the Digic 4 processor, and I know the t2i was rated at 3.7fps, whereas something cheap like the sd780IS also uses the same processor was only spec'd at .8fps.  Since they are both using the same processor, is it safe to assume it will be possible for the sd780is to also take pictures at that similar 3.7fps?


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In general, Canons continuous mode appears to shoot about as fast as the camera hardware and SD card are capable of. The CPU is not the only determining factor. CMOS cameras are much faster, and it is likely the memory and bus bandwidth is different between models with the same CPU. Some of the DSLRs also have more than one digic.

You should definitely NOT assume that CHDK can make any significant change to shooting rate. In general, it cannot. One exception is that some cameras can shoot in "high ISO mode" with the ISO forced to a lower value. This shoots lower resolution images quite a bit more quickly on some cameras.
Don't forget what the H stands for.

The Canon Camera as Ixus 300 HS and Ixus 1000 HS use a fast CMOS sensor.

I see on other camera, with BSI CMOS Sensor as Casio etc, that they have a burst mode that shoot 1 sec at a rate with 30 fps/sec at 9 megapixel.but then the camera can do some time nothing, because must store all ram to card

Canon camera have only slow burst rate but it work unlimited.

this Canon High speed cameras have also a feature that 5 shoots are taken and mix to remove noise on low light

But i think this is not optimal, because it cost lots time to process and have more influence of shake.
I like a mode that shoot 2 images short after, and then mix it.

I see on analog video, when mix 2 frames give lots noise remove.but when 5 frames add, this give lots blur (also on clever algorithm), and lots processing time and not so much better noise remove

when look every jpg have not more as 3.3 megabyte in size and with the new ram is find, maybe its possible to keep an buffer of 3 jpg images as prefetch.

a prefetch i think is a good idea, so when press the shutter the 1 image before press is store, and 1 image after press is store.this remove the press delay of a human a little and remove the press button shake
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