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Problems and solution thread(knowledgebase)

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Problems and solution thread(knowledgebase)
« on: 18 / January / 2011, 14:16:38 »
before i forget , i write some problems and solutions i find during porting, maybe it help other to port faster.

If other devs find some solutions for problems they get during porting, i think also usefull when write this here.


a script does not show output on console

check if strcat have the correct address.on some Cameras it have same address as strcpy get from automatic func detection.


zebra does nothing show.

look if your camera have enough RAM free.if there are not more as 400 kb of ram free, try the

in camera.h file

If your Camera have 16:9 TFT you need also use this


some camera do not capture values below 5 or above a good value for underexpose overexpose threshold is 10


The colors of chdk text change when use diffrent Canon modes.

You need find colors that do not change.on my Ixus1000 this are all colors from 0 upto can see that with show colors menu in chdk.this camera also have no blue green color constant.

In camera.h you can define what palette is used
#define CAM_BITMAP_PALETTE          3

If no palette fit, you need add a new in file core/gui_draw.h

keyboard does not work, and when press a key a bit in physw_status is set.

You have the wrong address.there are several addresses that have all key presses, but only the address is ok, that clear a bit when the key is you compare with working Cameras.

also it must be possible that when you set the physw_status to 0xfffff during alt mode, and when you leave the alt mode canon key must work again.
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Ixus 1000 HS

Re: Problems and solution thread(knowledgebase)
« Reply #1 on: 02 / February / 2011, 06:35:53 »
On power-up, the default and saved CFG values are loaded.
Some CFG values have an associated function to load a script or reader file.
In that code, Canon firmware function strrchr() is used.

The address found by signature-finder in CHDK is incorrect.
It should be :-


for both 100E and 100H.

Re: Problems and solution thread(knowledgebase)
« Reply #2 on: 24 / February / 2011, 04:27:37 »
zebra and edge overlay are wrong with a 4:3 shooting mode on 16:9 display.

see the fix in this thread for Ixus 1000 HS.

See also code of G12/SX30 in lib.c for implement new functions.
This are need for Ixus 1000 HS

Code: [Select]
// begin 16:9 support

int vid_get_viewport_buffer_width() { return 480; }

int vid_get_viewport_width()
    if (shooting_get_prop(PROPCASE_ASPECT_RATIO) == 1) // on 16:9 shoot mode its 1
return 480;
       return 360;

int vid_get_viewport_xoffset()
if (shooting_get_prop(PROPCASE_ASPECT_RATIO) == 1)
   return 0;
       return 60;

int vid_get_viewport_image_offset() {
return (vid_get_viewport_yoffset() * vid_get_viewport_buffer_width() + vid_get_viewport_xoffset()) * 3;

int vid_get_viewport_row_offset() {
return (vid_get_viewport_buffer_width() - vid_get_viewport_width()) * 3;

// end 16:9 support
Ixus 1000 HS


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