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Battery indicator question

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Battery indicator question
« on: 21 / February / 2008, 21:00:42 »
I have a question regarding the battery parameters, which are set to 4100 (mV) and 3500.  Is 3500 just the lower level of the indicator, or is it where the camera will shutdown?  I am also curious why 3500 was chosen.  For LiPo batteries, usually 2.9V is where you want to start recharging it, so I would think that 3000, or 3100 should be the lower level of the indicator.  The way it is set now, my battery is never fully charged, and hits 3500 after a few dozen pictures.  (It's a new SD850).  I have order a couple of new batteries to see if it is just my battery.

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Re: Battery indicator question
« Reply #1 on: 22 / February / 2008, 01:12:11 »
Theses couple parameters are just for adjusting of battery indicator. The default values says nothing. If your camera works in the another range of voltage set the high and low levels accordingly to have accurate percentage of battery indicator. You can see actual voltage enabling it from the same menu.
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