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Low-end decision

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Low-end decision
« on: 16 / January / 2012, 15:51:35 »
Hi all.

I think about buying cheap camera to use it in cases when I can't use my DSLR (when size matters or when there's a danger of breaking, or on concerts/festivals where DSLR usage is prohibited). Also I expect to use it for video recording (of course I didn't expect quality comparable with camcorders, but it's better than nothing and IMHO it'll be better that quality of video from mobile phone) - at least 640x480@30fps. Of course, it'll be used with CHDK.

I oriented on budget <$200. What candidates are there? Ixus 100 IS - how poor is it's optics? Powershot A1100 - maybe it'll be a target? Or SX120/SX130? Or some other model?

Re: Low-end decision
« Reply #1 on: 16 / January / 2012, 16:52:19 »
Ehh... Each week there are new threads like 'which camera should I use?'. And there's only little chance that somebody will give you an answer...

IMO the best way to chose a camera is to search images that were done with different cameras and compare them. Also read about their parameters. And maybe on a forum that is in fact related with photography itself;) This is rather related to CHDK and, what's funny, there's not a lot about photography here ;)

On my side - sx130is has high noise level at ISO>200. However, it generates quite nice videos in HD. Even sound is not bad (but on concerts when there's very loud the sound might be clipped.
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Re: Low-end decision
« Reply #2 on: 16 / January / 2012, 17:06:43 »
SX130 looks good, but how fragile it's optic? It really becomes too dusty after some months of usage, or it's just a single user's troubles? And how stable beta CHDK on it (I read about some strange deaths of SX120/130 with CHDK - possible HW failure, possible SW trouble)?

Re: Low-end decision
« Reply #3 on: 23 / February / 2012, 21:28:51 »
I really like my SX230. At first glance it seems a bit more powerful and smaller than the SX130, and a bit more expensive. But I'm very happy with my choice, so that's my recommendation. The list price is higher, but if you're in the states you can get it at Amazon or Costco for about $190, which fits into your <$200 range. (I got it at Costco because it came with extra stuff, like a 4 gig memory card and a case that turned out to not be a good fit for the camera, but hey, it was basically free.)
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