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PTP code for Arduino

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PTP code for Arduino
« on: 20 / January / 2011, 17:13:47 »

I'm developing USB Host and PTP code for Arduino. The Powershot-specific extension  has been released recently; all commands/properties are available so basically any camera, which supports 0x9008 or 0x901a can be controlled via USB from a small, battery-operated controller. Possibly, my code will be useful for CHDK PTP interface developers as well.

Since this is my first post here, links may become broken. In this case, go to my site listed in the profile.

Code ->
Announcement ->
Description ->



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Re: PTP code for Arduino
« Reply #1 on: 20 / January / 2011, 18:25:38 »
Nice project, i'm gonna give it a try soon.

BTW, links are fine.

Re: PTP code for Arduino
« Reply #2 on: 02 / February / 2011, 02:28:52 »
I don't have arduino, but was (many times) considering it.
I wish so so good luck!


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