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Bluetooth Q(s)

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Bluetooth Q(s)
« on: 16 / September / 2011, 14:06:03 »
Hi guys, I'm new hear so apologies if i have posted in the wrong forum/sub forum and please try not to laugh (:haha) to much at my ignorance...

What I'm really wondering is, would it be possible to write a driver(?) or script(?) or something that can allow a bluetooth dongle to be plugged into the camera?
Alternatively, would it be possible for move a driver from the a computer to the camera/card for it to work that way?

(clearly i have no knowledge in this field)

Cheers in advance for any replies.

Unfortunately I can come up with ideas, I'm just not an EE and cannot create such a thing on my own.

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Re: Bluetooth Q(s)
« Reply #1 on: 16 / September / 2011, 22:27:19 »
Not possible (99.9% confidence). In USB, there is a distinction between the host (something like a PC) and a device (camera, bluetooth dongle etc). The hardware on devices is typically only capable of acting as a device. A device can only connect to a host, not to another device.

You might think direct print was a device<>device but in that case the printer is actually acting as a host.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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